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The Mixed Reviews

Dec 15, 2023

Time to rock around the Christmas tree! This week, we take a trip back to the 90's for a look at what Christmas films were in that decade! From Home Alone to Die Hard 2! The Santa Claus to The Preacher's Wife, we cover it all!

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Nov 19, 2023

This week, there is too much pepper on our paprikash! We're taking a deep look into the film career of America's Sweetheart: Meg Ryan! From When Harry Met Sally... to What Happens Later! From Sleepless in Seattle to to You've Got Mail to Kate and Leopold! From soaps to The Women, we cover it all!

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Oct 26, 2023

Have you checked the children? This week we're joined by the multitalented Maria Lewis (Screenwriter, podcaster, and author of the new slasher novel  The Graveyard Shift) to take a stab at dissecting the Slasher genre! From Psycho to Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street to Scream, The Final Girls to Totally Killer! And...

Sep 22, 2023

This week, bring us the axe! We're joined by the amazing Sophia Ciminello (co-host of the Oscar Wild Podcast) to take a deeper look at the career of screen icon Faye Dunaway! From Bonnie and Clyde to Network, from Chinatown to Supergirl, we cover it all! And this is the exclusive extra long extended cut!

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Aug 25, 2023

This week, if you're a bird, we're a bird, and he's just Ken! We take a deep dive into film career of Ryan Gosling! From The Believer to La la land, Half Nelson to Gangster Squad, Drive to Barbie, we cover it all! Subscribe to our Patreon for video and extended episodes!

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